zines & art books

bits & pieces

no. 6

- olabo & AKAY -

zine . riso print . 23 x 30 . 32 pages . 2021

Boom, here we go again Bits & Pieces no 6. The issue that has no bits, only our own pieces. We’ve been referring to it as ”the EKESIÖÖ issue” since just as the corona pandemic broke out, we found a huge abandoned lumber & home repair store/warehouse where we escaped to and worked in every single day. We called it the most pandemic-free place in Stockholm because it was just the two of us, all alone.

That lasted until the day I stepped in human poop and realized that copper thieves had found our haven, so it quickly transformed into a homeless shelter with over 20 people sleeping inside. Various generations of drug addicts who got along more or less ok. Then the demolition crew arrived and the days got more tense as all the people sleeping there were forced into a smaller and smaller area. But that prompted them to get creative and a lot of people started to build houseboats from the material left at the site right next to the water. So when we returned after the summer, the whole place was torn down and all that was left was a whole row of homemade floating tarp shelters with a lot of rowdy people onboard. Much to the dismay of the posh property owners who just spent a fortune buying flashy flats at the oppisite side of the canal. hahaha.