zines & art books

demolition box

- klisterpeter & akay -

art box . multimedia . __ x __ . 18 pieces . 2019

Akay and Klisterpeter’s recent work has gotten a bit less public… which means it involves more breaking-and-entering onto private┬áproperty.

Demolition series av Akay & Klisterpeter contains 16 photos, a text plus a DVD with 7 short films. All presented in a custom-made wooden box made from pine-paneling found on site.

They find their way into old buildings slated for demolition and act as a two-person wrecking crew, creating works by systematically dismantling rooms. The installations in the Demolition series have all been created inside a single building where they had strategically located the alarms and studied the security guard response times. Once they bypassed the security systems, the whole place became a playground for their creative destruction.