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returned in the midst of nature

-björn larsson-

photography. offset + inkjet additions . 25 x 19,5 cm . 72 pages . updated edition 2024 .

In the late 90s, Björn Larsson photographed nature displays from various Scandinavian so-called “biological museums”. The photos were collected in a high quality photography book in 2006. As the lifecycle of books often goes, a handful of unsold copies were returned to him.

He returned to the same nature displays and photographed how they’d changed in the interim. With x-acto blades and glue sticks, he created an updated edition from the remainder of the remaindered copies. Now, two decades later, 44 grams heavier, nine photographs more and 475 words richer, we are releasing the updated collection back into the wild.

Second hand made edition published 2024  by Journal and ToxoplasmaPress. Text by Magnus Bärtås. Swedish and English editions.